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Thursday, August 1, 2013

When Is "The Passage" Movie Coming To Theaters?

The Passage movie director Matt Reeves filming a scene for Cloverfield with Lizzie Caplan
"The Passage" movie director Matt Reeves filming
a scene for "Cloverfield" with Lizzie Caplan
Ever since I finished the book and discovered that The Passage was headed for the big screen, I've been regularly checking for any news about a release date. As of now, filming hasn't even started and no solid updates have been released in a while. Ridley Scott Productions purchased the film rights before the book was even released and teamed with Fox 2000 to develop the movie adaption after studios engaged in a serious bidding war:

For five days Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox battled over the film rights to Mr. Ainsley's novel "The Passage," the first book of a planned trilogy about vampires born not of bat bites, but of medical experiments gone awry. The winning bid, made last month [July 2007] by Fox 2000 and Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions, was $1.75 million.

The last big update about the film came in the spring of 2011 when it was announced that Matt Reeves - director of Cloverfield and Let Me In - had signed on to direct the film after producer Ridley Scott considered directing the movie himself. The script was written by John Logan but Reeves is overseeing a rewrite by Jason Keller. Logan wrote the screenplay for Gladiator, one of my personal favorite movies of all time, so I was sad to learn that he was replaced but Keller is a great choice as well (he wrote the screenplay for Machine Gun Preacher).

The best we can do at this point is take a guess on a release date. Since it's been over two years now since Reeves and Keller teamed up for the rewriting process, I would assume that a script is finished. Reeves has been busy recently filming next year's Dawn of the Planet of the Apes but does not appear to have any movies lined up after that. Hopefully he rolls right into The Passage after Apes is released, which would probably mean we could expect a movie in 2016.

I created this site because I'm a fan of the books and I'm very excited for the movies - and I assume there are many others like me out there. I'll be doing my best to find out any updates on the film and I'll be sure to update this site with the latest news. Stay up to date by following me on twitter!


  1. firstly, i love these books (the passage, the 12)
    secondly .....these films should not be made. there is no way the amount of information/story/vital sub plots etc could be condensed into a 2 hour movie. its just not possible. also, altho we all love these books, the general public would just see it as another "vampire" or "end of the world" film, of which there has been too many lately.

  2. I think, if done correctly, they could be very good. They would probably need to be split though, each book into two maybe. And do it in a way that's narrated in a style similar to 'Dexter' - each by the section's main characters (Lacy or Brad or Peter for example) with all of the different sub-stories colliding (similar to 'Love Actually). And casting would have an even greater impact in these films because so much of the development is internal. But if done, and done well, I think the true nature of the books could shine through. Not as an apocalyptic movie, but a story of growth and faith in a crumbling world. I'm personally very excited that this is being looked at as a film project, but if it's not done just right, it could also be a huge let-down. :(

  3. Most book movies are a let down. It's always like an iceberg. The part you see above the water being the movie and the massive underwater part, the book. However, even just using the premise of the book makes for a fantastic movie idea. I have high hopes. I am almost through "The Twelve". Although it was a very slow start and very drawn out (and also confusing), it still grabs me. I think the movie will as well. (as long as they don't chintz on it).